HDD Upgrade

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This HDD Upgrade works with our device (Gold or Diamond bundle) to add-on 2000 games from 4 systems!

Systems (click each system to see the games) Include:

Sega CD

This add-on item only works with our Gold and Diamond bundles!

You can still start our device anytime without the HDD attached and the system will load up as normal. This is convenient as you don't have to carry the HDD everywhere if you only want to play the "retro" systems already on the devices SD Card!

Unless purchased at the same time as one of our bundles, we will need your SD Card to configure it to work with the HDD add-on! We will contact you after purchase with the address to send it to. Please include your name and HDD purchase order number.

Please note: Our device is still primarily a "retro" gaming system and has it's limitations. Although the titles for Dreamcast & PSP are known to run in a "very playable" state, you may still come accross glitches and performance issues from time to time!