Standard Bundle

Standard Bundle

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20 Systems & 18,000+ Games. 1-4 Player
Kodi - TV/Film/PPV/Sport
Compact case with Heatsink Cooling
Fastest 100 MB/s 32GB SD Card
Upscaled & Optimized for the best performance available
High Quality 5V 2A p
ower lead (UK, EU, US or AU)
2X High Quality SNES style controllers (1.4 metre)
30 Day Returns - 1 Year Warranty -
UK Manufactured

Our overlay and menus are easy to use, intuitive and contain box art and game descriptions where available. A full systems and games list can be found here

Please note: Our device is primarily a "retro" gaming system and some N64 games can suffer from performance issues. For a full N64 game compatibility list see here. For a fantastic in-depth video tutorial on increasing N64 game performance see here! Please also be aware we cannot provide lifetime support for Kodi, as links and streams come up and down. For the latest working kodi streams check here.

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