Q: What it is you sell?
A: Using the latest technology we create a single credit-card size console which allows you to play all your favourite childhood classics with 1-4 players, from one easy to use, plug and play device. Our devices are UK manufactured using the highest quality parts and accessories. They have built in WIFI and Bluetooth, and our own custom made software is region free so can be used worldwide!

Q: How does the console connect?
A: The console connects to any TV/Monitor via the supplied HDMI cable. Making it easy to set-up anywhere in the home, or take to social events & partys. All orders outside the UK will receive the corrrect power lead (EU, US & AU available). No internet connection is required to play games apart from on the Android System.

Q: How does the console look & sound?
A: The games will look & sound exactly like the originals. Gameplay will be perfectly smooth, upscaled to your TV and fullscreen. Our overlay and menus are easy to use, intuitive and contain box art and game descriptions where available. Please be aware as our devices are primarily "retro" gaming systems, there are some newer titles which can suffer from performance issues, but 99% will work just fine. Please be aware we cannot include or provide support for Kodi streams, but they are easy to add and you can find the latest working streams here.

Q: Can you save and load games?

A: Yes games will save exactly like the originals did. Furthermore you can save & load any game at any time using the save/load state feature. There are 30+ slots you can use for multiple saves on different games.

Q: What version of software do you use?
A: We always use the most up-to-date versions of software in English language. The majority of our supported titles are unique and we don't bulk up our list by adding multiple versions & languages. Beware of any systems which do! As 15,000 titles soon become 6,000 once you discount the duplicates! You may sometimes come across a title which won't load or isn't supported, although this will be less than 1% overall and we guarentee we have more supported working titles than anyone else.

Q: Whats the average build/dispatch time & postal service used?

A: As we only sell items we have physical stock of, orders are generally built & dispatched within 24-48hrs and we offer several different postage services at checkout (upgraded postage orders will still be subject to built & dispatch times). International postage is as low cost as possible dependent on your location and there will be no import fees to pay! All postage is tracked so you can monitor the process of your parcel online. EU delivery takes 3-5 days. US & Rest of World takes 5-7 days!

Q: Is there a guarantee, TAX/VAT to pay or import fees?
A: We offer a 30-day return policy on all bundles. The devices themselves also come with a years manufacturer's warranty. Our website is able to take secure credit/debit card payments and also accepts PayPal, so you will have complete buyers protection. As a fully registered UK VAT company, by law we are supposed to charge 20% VAT on all purchases made from the UK and Europe at checkout. However we have split this cost with the customers and only charge 12% (so we both pay in & contribute to support the economy), and even after VAT we offer a very competitive price, and often use higher quality hardware & better configured software than other sellers! We are confident that we offer the best price so if you find any system with the same hardware for less we will price match all other legitimate sellers!