Systems & Games

Supported Systems & Games


Standard Bundle Gold Bundle Diamond Bundle 
18,000 Titles 20,000 Titles
30,000 Titles
Atari 2600 All Standard Bundle Titles All Standard Bundle Titles
Atari 7800 MAME All Gold Bundle Titles
Atari Lynx Playstation Amiga
Game-boy Amstrad CPC
Game-boy Adv Colecovision
Game-boy Col Commodore 64
Gamegear Intellivision
MAME / NeoGeo / FBA Videopac / Odyssey 2
Master System ZX Spectrum
Megadrive / Genesis
Neo Geo Pocket Color
Ntendo 64
Sega 32X
Super Ntendo
TurboGrafx 16 / PC Engine
Wonderswan Color
For our Mini Bundle, Handheld, Portable, Android and Odroid supported systems & titles please check the products page.
To avoid copyright & licencing issues no software is installed until the device is first turned on. The first time starting the device up will take longer as the data on the SD Card decrypts and installs causing the system to restart several times during this process (no internet connection needed). We do not charge for any software, and prices are based solely on hardware, building labor and configuration only.
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