Systems & Games

Standard Bundle Gold Bundle Diamond Bundle 
18,000 Games 20,000 Games 30,000 Games
Atari 2600 All Standard Bundle Games All Standard Bundle Games
Atari 7800 MAME / NeoGeo / FBA All Gold Bundle Games
Atari Lynx Sega CD Amiga
Gameboy Playstation Amstrad CPC
Gameboy Advance Colecovision
Gameboy Color Commodore 64
Gamegear Intellivision
MAME / NeoGeo / FBA Videopac / Odyssey 2
Master System ZX Spectrum
Megadrive / Genesis
Neo Geo Pocket Color
Nintendo 64
Sega 32X
Super Nintendo
TurboGrafx 16 / PC Engine
Wonderswan Color

To avoid copyright & licencing issues no software or roms are installed until the customer turns on the device, this will result in a longer loading period the first time the device is turned on.
(no internet connection needed)